• The order will be delivered to the provided shipping address as soon as it is ready.
  • The shipping address must be provided when submitting the order.
  • You may only change the shipping address in special cases and in consultation with TouchPrint, depending on the state of production.
  • TouchPrint will ensure that the order is delivered to the provided address. If the provided address is incorrect or out of date, TouchPrint is not responsible for any costs incurred in delivering the order.
  • Some delivery services may call before delivery, and only deliver if details can be confirmed. If possible, please provide a local phone number that is monitored outside of business hours to ensure timely delivery. Failure to do so could result in delays.


  • TouchPrint reserves the right to decide which method of transport to use along with the appropriate delivery service.
  • TouchPrint will decide if the order is to be shipped in one package or separate installments. In the unlikely event that an installment is delayed, you agree that this is not grounds to return any other installment.


  • TouchPrint will do its best to ensure delivery within the promised delivery window. However, TouchPrint will not be liable for any loss or expenses arising from any delay.


  • You agree to inspect the received products and services on delivery confirming that they are free from any apparent defects or damage.
  • If upon inspection, you notice that the products and services are damaged, you must specifically note the damages and send a signed version immediately to TouchPrint within 4 days of delivery.
  • TouchPrint will not consider any complaints about defects or damaged goods after 4 days have passed after delivery.
  • You agree to not refuse delivery based on a short or delayed delivery of an installment.


  • Some factors outside of TouchPrint’s control may delay your shipping date. It is possible to prevent most of these issues by being responsive to queries by TouchPrint or the delivery company. Therefore,TouchPrint offers a free message service for delivery reminders and changes to keep you updated.
  • Common actions that lead to a delay in receiving your goods:
    • Late submission of documents relating to your payment method (e.g. confirmation of bank transfer);
    • Re-uploading your artwork after the artwork deadline has expired;
    • Uploading artwork which is faulty and needs to be corrected;
    • Late approval or non-approval of proof prints or online proofs;
    • False, inaccurate, out of date, or incomplete delivery address or other required information.
  • TouchPrint will not be held accountable for any costs relating to these above-mentioned actions.